Stone, Wall, & Decorative


Carlson 12535 Beach Cir, Eden Prairie 2019 steps & edge of pool
Hartley/Bach 4936Fremont Ave S, Mpls 2019 blue stone patio
Logan 5806 Olinger Rd, Edina 2019 Greydon stone front step & walk
Samadani 2634 Crosby Rd, Wayzata 2019 blue stone patio, front walk, fountain, firepit
Steger 22 Woodland Rd, Edina     2020 Indian limestone steps
Schwebel 2650 Burnham Blvd, Mpls 2020 fond-du-lac stone steps
Ptaszek 2610 Vernon Ave S, St Louis Park 2020 steps side of house
Hoesley 5043 40th Ave S, Mpls        2020 patio
Stevens 9561 Oxborough Curve, Bloomington 2017 anchor diamond stone wall
Zurke 4735 E Lake Harriet Blvd, Mpls“ | 2017 quartz stone front steps, walk”
Grundtner 15 Forest Dale Rd, Mpls 2017 stone patio
Kimbrell 4024 Queen Ave S, Mpls 2017 fond du lac stone wall front & back
Schlafer 2832 Irving Ave S, Mpls“ | 2017 blue stone front steps, fond du lac walls”
Hasbargen 6213 Schaefer Cir, Edina 2017 pool deck
Carlson 12535 Beach Circle, Eden Prairie 2018 stone pool deck with brick
Greenberg 3318 Decatur Ln, St Louis Park 2018 fond du lac on house and wall
Ward 6809 Galway Rd, Edina 2018 front step with stone under
Halloran 2151 Como Ave S, St Paul 2018 fond du lac front walls
Thompson 4121 30th Ave S, Mpls 2018 front blue stone steps
Sterbenz 4814 Hanover Rd, Mound 2018 front terrace steps in Laural stone
Kosek/Alexander 5309 York Ave S, Mpls 2018 blue stone patio


Carlson 18405 11th Ave N, Plymouth 2019 anchor walls & steps
Chernin 10817 Upton Ave S, Bloomington 2019 anchor front walls
McDonald 6419 Timber Ridge, Edina 2019 anchor steps
Moll 3709 W 55th St, Edina 2019 anchor block wall
Stoermer 3020 Holly Lane N, Plymouth 2020 anchor diamond wall
Nord 6425 Nordic Cir, Edina 2020 backyard wall
Major 4805 11th Ave S, Mpls 2020 backyard wall
Reitmeyer 6601 16th St W, St Louis Park 2016 anchor block wall
Swoboda 158 Shasta Ct, Apple Valley 2016 anchor block wall
Good 4528 Colfax Ave S, Mpls 2017anchor block front walls
Carter 130 Spur Cir, Wayzata 2017 boulder wall
Powell 16060 Inglewood Dr, Lakeville 2017 anchor block wall side of house
Rokke 10908 Glenwilding Ln, Bloomington 2017 anchor block walls
Julius 1817 59th St W, Mpls 2018 anchor wall at side
O’Hara 8513 Red Oak Dr, Eden Prairie 2018 fond du lac wall

Decorative Concrete

Ballolla 2356 Golfview, Woodbury 2019 stamped concrete patio
Crum 2411 Overlook Dr, Bloomington 2019 stamped concrete patio
Gerlach 13460 Everest Ave, Apple Valley 2020 colored concrete drive, stamped edge
Davis 6200 Chowen Ave S, Edina 2016 stamped concrete pool deck
Ebert 6908 137th Ct,    Apple Valley 2020 stamped concrete patio
Stroemer 3020 Holly Lane N, Plymouth 2020 stamped concrete coping
Major 4805 11th Ave S, Mpls 2020 stamped concrete patio
Jensch 12833 April Ln, Minnetonka 2017 stamped concrete patio
Purcell 8320 W 106th St, Bloomington 2017 stamped concrete patio, back walk
Hodgdon 9255 Hillsboro Way, Savage 2017 stamped concrete patio
Dwyer 5800 Kellogg Ave S, Edina 2017colored concrete basketball court
McKamey 6820 Humboldt Ave S, Richfield 2017 front steps, patio
Rokke 10908 Glenwilding Ln, Bloomington 2017 stamped front walk, steps
Alberg 3927 Zenith Ave S, Mpls 2017 stamped garage floor, driveway
Sorenson 5233 Knox Ave S, Mpls            2018 stamped back patio, walk, steps
Rinke 1750 Troy Lane N, Plymouth 2018 stamped concrete patio
Galligan 1322 Raspberry Ln, Eagan 2018 stamped border drive, colored drive & steps
Gasper 1351 Blair Ave, St Paul 2018 stamped concrete patio
Tritz 5533 Dundee Rd, Edina 2018 stamped concrete front steps, walk, driveway
Oasheim 5621 Chowen, Edina 2018 stamped concrete patio
Rinke 1750 Troy Ln N, Plymouth 2018 stamped concrete patio